A. S. VON OTTER Lieder Berg Korngold... 4375152

At the centre of the recital are the "Seven Early Songs" of Alban Berg. The first is 'Nacht', which is also the longest and most readily memorable . . . Von Otter's draining the voice of all vibrato helps create the sense of watchful stillness, just as in the sixth song, 'Liebesode', it makes for an almost other-worldly dreaminess, deepening to a full-bodied passion as the rose scent is borne to the love-bed. Always the mezzo-soprano voice is resourcefully used, able to colour deeply at such points, to float a pure head-tone in 'Traumgekront' or launch a radiant high A in 'Die Nachtigall'. For both artists the record is a worthy successor to their Gramophone Award-winning DG Grieg recital of last year.