R. STRAUSS Die Frau ohne Schatten Karajan 4576782

. . . if your operatic tastes are usually more restricted to the mainstream repertoire, this undeservedly obscure opera may well provide you with a valuable, even life-altering musical experience. Yes, the music is that good . . . the musical values of the performance are outstanding . . . The orchestral execution here is impeccable . . . The greatest strength of this recording is its cast . . . Christa Ludwig and Walter Berry are the pivotal strengths of this amazing cast. Ludwig combines power and humanity in a way that virtually defines the role of the Dyer's wife. Grace Hoffman is similarly outstanding as The Nurse. Fritz Wunderlich and Lucia Popp (singing multiple roles) represent extravagant casting that is only likely to occur in a recorded documentation of a special event. What else can I say? There are no vocal weaknesses in this cast . . . This recording will be remembered primarily for its cast and Karajan's personal conducting style.