Trailer: "Songs from the Labyrinth - Dowland Anniversary Edition"

Sting’s Songs from the Labyrinth Dowland Anniversary Edition
to be released August 16

Deutsche Grammophon celebrates the 450th anniversary of John Dowland’s birth with a Dowland Anniversary Edition of Sting’s critically acclaimed album with Edin Karamazov, Songs from the Labyrinth, complete with bonus tracks and a DVD, The Journey and the Labyrinth, on August 16, 2013 (US release: October 1).

Songs from the Labyrinth was Sting’s debut album with the Yellow Label and premiered at the top of the classical charts. It went on to become the best-selling classical album of 2006, according to Billboard Magazine’s year-end chart. Now for the first time it is presented together with all of the audio recordings and video material in a single package. The CD is comprised of the original album along with live versions of several songs performed at the 2007 St Luke’s concert in London, plus celebrated renditions of “Fields Of Gold”, “Message In A Bottle” and “Hellhound On My Trail”.

The DVD, The Journey and the Labyrinth, is an original television special, weaving performances, interviews, historical information and readings of Dowland’s personal correspondence that serve as a soundtrack to the composer’s life. It also includes live material from St Luke’s Church in London, where Sting performed selections from the original album, as well as adaptations of many of his most enduring hits, a behind-the-scenes look at rehearsals, and a solo performance from Edin Karamazov.

Sting said: “Dowland, for me, is the music of self-reflection . . . I feel there is an intimacy to this music and I can do something that’s really me – and still, I hope, respect the music.”

Audiences and critics alike praised Songs from the Labyrinth.

“For once, we can say that this is not only the most intriguing classical disc of the year, but a vitally important musical release, crossing all boundaries, even time itself.” – Fanfare.

“ . . . one of the refreshing things about this CD is the complete lack of classical or ‘early music’ fustiness.” – The Daily Telegraph.

The Dowland Anniversary Edition of Songs from the Labyrinth is available August 16, 2013 on Deutsche Grammophon.