The DG Discovery App

Dear Users,

In a few weeks we will be migrating DG Discovery to a new platform. Here are a few pointers to what that means.

Where can I find it

Go to our Deutsche Grammophon website. There you will find a page explaining the new platform and we will have a link to it in our main navigation.


We are keeping our tried and tested concept that you are used to here in this app - a curated catalogue into which we lead you on weekly musical journeys. Further we are adding more options for browsing and search, as well as more permanently featured artists and composers.


One of those most radical improvements is that the app is now available on all platforms. Technically speaking it is a so-called "web app", which means it is a browser-driven website that automatically re-forms itself to fit the device (smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop) you happen to be using.


On smartphones and tablets, where you are used to finding the service via an icon on your home screen, you need just to save the website to your home screen and an icon will appear there, just like an app. On a laptop desktop you can access the app either via the link in the main navigation of the Deutsche Grammophon website or by placing a bookmark in your usual browser.


This is an important difference to our current app. In future you will not pay the Apple App Store your subscription fee to access full tracks. Instead you are free to join any of the services we will offer. Currently that will be Spotify, Deezer and very likely the new Apple Music service too.

You decide with whom you want to sign up and based on that login we will connect you to that service to play the tracks you look up in our DG Discovery app.

We look forward to seeing you again on our new app!

Your DG Editorial Team


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