NONO La lontananza nostalgica Kremer



La lontananza nostalgica
utopica futura (1988/89)

»Hay que caminar« sońando
Gidon Kremer, Violine
Tatiana Grindenko, Violine
Sofia Gubaidulina, Tonband
Int. Release 01 Oct. 2003
CD DDD 0289 474 3262 3 GH
20/21 echo Series

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Luigi Nono (1924 - 1990)
Gidon Kremer

Gidon Kremer, Tatjana Grindenko

Durée totale de lecture 59:49

Pierre Boulez is pristine and precise in 'Ramifications', and' Melodien' sounds glowingly lucid under David Atherton's authoritative direction. If you've obtained the DG disc of the concertos, this is an excellent follow-up.

Loable y absolutamente necesaria reedición de DG.