ROOM 29 Cocker, Gonzales


Jarvis Cocker
Chilly Gonzales
Int. Release 17 Mar. 2017
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Jarvis Cocker, Jason Beck

Jarvis Cocker, Jason Beck, Ryuichi Sakamoto (1952 - )

Jarvis Cocker, Jason Beck





Jarvis Cocker, Jason Beck, Ryuichi Sakamoto (1952 - )
Gato Barbieri (1934 - )
Jarvis Cocker, Jason Beck
Chilly Gonzales, Jarvis Cocker

Durée totale de lecture 50:41

This collaboration between the Pulp legend and piano man Gonzales is as pretty as it is witty.

An atmospheric song-cycle . . . Jarvis has always been one for a "bon mot" or two and "Room 29" has clearly spurred his infamous wit . . . The musical accompaniment is largely provided by Chilly Gonzales' sparse and understated piano with occasional tasteful strings courtesy of the Kaiser Quartet. Downbeat and mournful, it perfectly fits the atmosphere of faded decadence that colours Jarvis' tales . . . After all, it is full of stories of bad behaviour and insanity with a dash of voyeurism -- which all sounds like a cracking night out by any measure.

. . . [a] beautifully bittersweet song cycle . . . [Cocker]: It's wonderful to have this most self-aware of thigh-rubbers back. He's in the excellent company of piano man Chilly Gonzales . . .

. . . Cocker's knack for pinpointing nihilism's abiding allure finds a match in Chilly Gonzales's eerily elegant piano. While it's easy to condemn or romanticise the Chateau, the duo mostly offer a nuanced portrait of its murky morals . . . "Bombshell's" nervous energy and the frenzied "A Trick of the Light" brilliantly expose the torment of falling for an illusion.

With Gonzales' delicate fin de siècle piano arrangements backed by a string quartet, the result is pitched somewhere between an operetta, a Schubertian song-cycle, a documentary and one of those impressionistic sound collages in the vein of Cocker's "Wireless Nights" shows on Radio 4 . . . ["Clara" is an inspired] beautifully tragic music hall song . . . ["Tearjerker"] is heartbreakingly pretty . . . ["Salome"] is lush, expansive and hopelessly romantic, with heart-tugging major sevenths and lush strings . . . ["Trick of the Light"] is a delicious sonic trick in an album filled with similarly delicious moments.

. . . ein schönes Konzeptalbum.

Sur "Tearjerker", on retrouve la voix si particulière et sensuelle de Jarvis, en tandem avec le piano de Gonzales, dans une balade très douce. Le second morceau est lui instrumental et s'étoffe de mélancoliques cordes.

. . . superbe . . . On se laisse porter par les mélodies sépia d'une musique mélancolique pleine de nostalgie, essentiellement jouée au piano, et par ces histoires hors du temps qui mêlent fiction totale, mythologie du 7e Art et poésie pure.