SCHUBERT Sonatas 20 & 21 / Zimerman


Piano Sonatas Nos. 20 & 21
Krystian Zimerman
Int. Release 08 Sep. 2017
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Track List

Franz Schubert (1797 - 1828)
Piano Sonata No.20 In A Major, D.959

Piano Sonata No.21 In B Flat Major, D.960

Krystian Zimerman

Total Playing Time 1:22:06

It's out. And it was worth the wait . . . These are unlike any other interpretations of these works that I've heard: he makes them entirely his own, and they scrub up like buried treasure after a bath. Yet with such eloquent phrasing, you feel Schubert himself is speaking to you directly, with something urgent, profound and life-affirming to communicate. If you only listen to one thing this week, make sure it's this.