Daniel Hope: My Tribute to Yehudi Menuhin

22nd April 2016 would have been the 100th Birthday of violin legend Yehudi Menuhin, and Daniel Hope dedicates a complete album to his former mentor and close friend.

After fleeing from the Apartheid regime in South Africa, and ending up in England, Hope’s mother was offered a job as a secretary to no-one less than Yehudi Menuhin, and later became his manager. Daniel Hope says about him:

“Yehudi Menuhin is the reason I became a violinist. I was privileged to know Menuhin all my life – as he used to say, I fell into his lap, as a baby of two years age. Menuhin often called himself my “musical grandfather”. Now, in celebration of what would have been his centenary, my friends and I can finally pay our respects to this great man, in a way I am sure he would have loved,” said Daniel Hope.

“My Tribute to Yehudi Menuhin” is a beautiful selection of works, mostly commissioned by or for Yehudi Menuhin. It is released internationally in February 2016.