Amadeus Quartet/ 1950s Mozart Recordings
AMADEUS QUARTET Haydn/Schubert/Brahms
BEETHOVEN Die Streichquartette Amadeus
AMADEUS QUARTET Bruckner/Smetana/Verdi
HAYDN Streichquart. op 76,77,103 Amadeus
The Amadeus Quartet was one of the legendary string quartets in the 20th century. Founded in London in 1948 the four musicians played together until the dead of Peter Schidlof in 1987. Misha Donat from the BBC Music Magazine said about this Rerelase of the Mozart recordings: These are performances to cherish, and the warmth and unaffectedness of the playing in the remainder of the quartets is no less admirable ... this is music-making that comes straight from the heart.”(11/2003)

Amadeus Quartet
The 1950s Mozart Recordings

Streichquartette · String Quartets:
KV 421 · KV 428 · KV 458
KV 464 · KV 465 · KV 499
KV 575 · KV 589 · KV 590
Streichquintette · String Quintets:
KV 515 · KV 516 · KV 593 · KV 614
Cecil Aronowitz · Amadeus Quartet
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