The Originals

Legendary Recordings from the Deutsche Grammophon Catalogue

In February 1995 Deutsche Grammophon released a batch of 25 historic CDs called The Originals, launching a mid-price reissue project whose scope and depth would gradually change the face of classical record collecting. The concept was simple: trawling DG's huge archives for treasures from every phase of the vinyl LP era - many long unavailable or never before released on the silver disc - representing all the company's major artists and most of its landmark recordings from 1949 to 1986, one of the richest periods in the medium's entire history.

Now you┤ll find a list of 230 The Originals albums in our catalogue. Choose your own selection from this formidable list of great recordings or listen to one of our recommendations:

A significant aspect of the series is the use of DG's special remastering technology, Original-Image Bit-Processing. According to the Penguin Guide to Compact Discs: "In almost every case the transfers show a distinct improvement over previous incarnations of these recordings on CD: the remastering more naturally reflects the ambient warmth and fullness of the analogue LP pressings, though the focus is firmer."

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