20C - Shaping the Century

Volume 2
1950 - 1999

  • An exceptionally-balanced survey of the music of twentieth century features one masterpiece from each featured composer, five composers per decade.
  • Together this presents iconic works by 25 of the most iconic composers of the years 1950-2000
  • Each CD includes booklet notes by leading musicologist and writer Nigel Simeone, who also curated the ‘20C’ project

Edition Tracklist


  • 26 essential and iconic works by 26 composers covering the years 1900-1949
  • These are works you must know to understand the music of the first half of the 20th century
  • Each album includes a timeline of 20th Century Musical Premieres, and repertoire notes by leading musicologist and writer NIGEL SIMEONE, who also curated the ‘20C’ project, which set out the context, and introduce the composers and the works  

Edition Tracklist