A decisive step on the part of a conductor keen to use the world of digital technology to inspire a love of classical music in young people

Three initial formats will offer an insight into the world of the musician: Deconstructed, Barenboim Explores and 5 Minutes On

As one of the leading conductors and pianists of our age Daniel Barenboim is well known for his ability to challenge his listeners into taking an intense interest in music. He is now pursuing this approach for the first time with a number of formats specially developed for the audio-­‐visual field: with his own YouTube channel, which goes online in August 2016 and which will be freely available throughout the whole world. With its extensive opportunities for networking and its direct exchange of information, the video portal, which is used by more than one thousand million people worldwide, provides the optimal platform for Barenboim, allowing him to do justice to his aim of ensuring that music is permanently anchored in every area of our social lives. The channel is especially aimed at an audience with little background knowledge of classical music and is intended to provide a forum where they can develop a love of it.

Daniel Barenboim uses his YouTube channel to pursue his aim of forging a link between classical music and digital communication. As a result special video formats have been developed and produced for YouTube, and will be further developed from the date of the channel’s launch. In the case of both 5 Minutes On and Deconstructed, Barenboim will explore works and basic musical terms, explaining them at the piano. In this way even viewers with no previous knowledge of classical music will profit from his lifelong engagement with the subject. At the same time viewers will find inspiration and discover new facets of the works that he discusses.

In the case of Barenboim Explores, Barenboim will discuss current political, cultural and social events similar to the blogs on his website, sharing his thoughts and ideas with his viewers and encouraging them to join in a dialogue with him, to share their views and to give him their feedback. Currently in the planned stage is a series of conversations in which Barenboim will meet figures from public life, whether politicians, artists, sportsmen and -­‐women or architects, and talk to them about the Parallels and Paradoxes that they see between music and their own thematic fields. In a fifth format, The West-­‐Eastern Divan Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim will introduce his Arab-­‐Israeli orchestra and its members.

Daniel Barenboim’s YouTube channel has been designed to the highest standards. With it the conductor sets out to pass on his love and knowledge of music and at the same time to play his part in ensuring that classical music is presented in a way appropriate to the digital age. The channel can be individually experienced and is fully integrated, interactive and challenging. As such, it is aimed at all who are curious about the world around them and who approach it with an open mind.