GIDON KREMER Violin Sonatas 4746482

Argerich's playing is full of curiosity, and Kremer is anything but subservient, so there's a delightfully fresh feeling to their interpretations, and a volatility that stops anything about these ten sonatas feeling routine, repetitive or run-of the-mill. The crisp articulation and sparkling interplay elevate the less remarkable movements, while the degree of flexibility this duo finds between the bar-lines in the slow movements seems to ask you every few seconds whether you've really heard this piece before . . . What a duo -- too uncompromisingly fiery for every occasion, but they can hypnotise in repertoire ranging from early Beethoven to the wildes Bartók . . . these are far from everyday performances.

. . . [Bartók: Violin Sonata n. 1]: The playing has tremendous eloquence and range of expression, and there is no dead note anywhere in the movement. The Adagio is no less enthralling and the rhythmic elasticity of the finale is just what the music needs . . . finely recorded . . . dazzling.