ELGAR Enigma Variations a.o. Gardiner


Enigma Variations

In the South op. 50

Introduction and Allegro op. 47*

Sospiri op. 70**
für Streicher, Harfe und Orgel
for Strings, Harp and Organ
Rainer Keuschnig **
Küchl-Quartett *
Wiener Philharmoniker
John Eliot Gardiner
Int. Release 02 Jan. 2002
1 CD / Download
0289 463 2652 7
CD DDD 0289 463 2652 7 GH

Gardiner does a splendid job illuminating four of Elgar's early twentieth-century tone poems . . . Maestro Gardiner conveys the sweep and grandeur of each piece quite well . . . worth a listen in their own, darker, more introspective way. Needless to say, too, the Vienna Philharmonic sound wonderful . . . Gardiner displays his own merits, particularly in the lovely "Sospiri", where the strings, harp, and organ so delicately intertwine . . . ["Enigma Variations"]: Gardiner adds his own personal insights into these variations, successfully integrating them into some kind of whole rather than sounding like a collection of disparate items . . . [the recording is] nicely balanced in its frequency response, extremely smooth in its tonal response, and fairly wide ranging throughout.