Int. Release 31 Oct. 2011
1 CD / Download
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Roberto Alagna’s
Pasión − A Spicy Slice of Life

Track List

Agustin Lara (1900 - 1970)
Osvaldo Farrés (1903 - 1985)
Roberto Alagna, Yvan Cassar, Paris Symphonic Orchestra

Carlos Eleta Almaran
Roberto Alagna, Lila Downs, Yvan Cassar

Gerardo Hernán Matos Rodriguez (1900 - 1948)
Roberto Alagna, Yvan Cassar, Paris Symphony Orchestra

Elo Larrea Carricarte Carm
Roberto Alagna

Quirino Mendoza y Cortés
Cielito Lindo

Roberto Alagna, Yvan Cassar, Paris Symphony Orchestra

Roberto Alagna

Consuelo Velazquez (1916 - 2005)
Besame mucho como si fuera

Roberto Alagna, Yvan Cassar, Paris Symphonic Orchestra

José Alfredo Jiménez

Nino De Murcia

Tomás Méndez Sosa (1927 - 1995)
Carlos Gardel (1890 - 1935)
Ernesto Lecuona (1896 - 1963)

Etta Scollo (1958 - )
Roberto Alagna

Total Playing Time 54:30

It's an atmospheric album, with flamenco guitars, bandoneon, piano and strings. It's fun to hear Alagna's expression, emotion and articulation. His voice is so flexible and natural.

. . . he's channeled his immense musical charisma into an authentic Latino sound, with plenty of sexy swing for a new recital disc . . . Alagna turns to some of Mariano's Spanish specialties in a revelatory tour of Central and South America, with enough Brazilian bossa novas, Cuban boleros and Argentine tangos to set your hips swaying and feet tapping faster than you can say "Salsa Class" . . . he brings a loose rhythmic ease and a variety of colors to each number. Open-throated power, supported tone and long breath provide vocal class without distancing him emotionally, and he throws in a few high notes with good-natured bravura . . . even in its tearful moments the entire disc exudes a sunny charm . . . Yvan Cassar's inventive and beautiful arrangements keep a straightforward nightclub feel. The mix of intimate accompaniments with exuberant big-band numbers always keeps the focus on the voice, and Cassar's instrumental choices and the versatility of the band highlight Alagna's musical urgency . . . One of the best numbers is the traditional Mexican song "La Llorona," in which Alagna's soft, plangent sobs paint the chorus effectively. The guitar improvisation in double time is especially witty, and the spare instrumentation highlights the song's expressive simplicity. Another superb understated performance is "El día que me quieras," in which Alagna's old-fashioned sound, replete with quick vibrato and little vocal turns, pays homage to the song's creator, Carlos Gardel . . . There are thrills aplenty in Alagna's full-throated "Piensa en mí," which opens the recital, and in his smoky-to-blazing delivery of "Bésame mucho" . . . [a] bold and spicy concierto.

. . . mitreißenden Rhythmen . . . was da aus dem Lautsprecher erklingt, macht richtig Spaß und fährt in die Tanzbeine . . . Alagna genießt es, in diesem populären Musikgenre ausgiebig und souverän mit der Pracht und der Vielseitigkeit seines flexiblen Stimmorgans zu spielen . . . Er schmetter das "Don cruces" mit Torero-Aplomb, schmachtet als Latin-Lover mit sanftem Seufzen und seidenem Raunen im "Paloma negra" . . . Das Duett mit der mexikanischen Sängerin Lila Downs in "Historia de un amor" geht mit seiner Musikalität unter die Haut, die Instrumentalarrangements pulsieren ganz nah am Herzschlag des jeweiligen Tanzes, und die Musiker um Yvan Cassar sind sowohl grandiose Solisten als auch offen reagierende Ensemblekünstler . . . Roberto Alagnas "Pasión" hat Klasse und Erlebniswert.

Die Sonne lacht hörbar aus den rassigen Liedern seiner CD heraus.

. . . Schmankerl wie "Bésame mucho" wirken bei ihm fast wie neu. Eine Riege Latino-geeichter Instrumentalisten . . . begleitet ihn mit Schmackes.