SCHNEIDERHAN 1950s Concerto Recordings

The 1950s Concerto Recordings

Werke von / Works by
J. S. Bach ˇ Beethoven ˇ Brahms
Bruch ˇ Martin ˇ Mendelssohn
Mozart ˇ Tartini ˇ Vivaldi
Ansermet ˇ Baumgartner ˇ Fricsay
van Kempen ˇ Leitner ˇ Schmidt-Isserstedt
Bamberger Symphoniker ˇ Berliner
Philharmoniker ˇ Festival Strings Lucerne
Orchestre de la Suisse Romande
Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
Wiener Symphoniker
Int. Release 01 Dec. 2004
0289 477 5263 9
AAD / ADD 0289 477 5263 9 GOM 5
Original Masters ˇ partly MONO

Track List

CD 1: The 1950s Concerto Recordings

Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)
Concerto For Violin And Strings In E Major, Op.8, No.1, RV 269 "La Primavera"

Concerto For Violin And Strings In G Minor, Op.8, No.2, RV 315 "L'estate"

Concerto For Violin And Strings In F Major, Op.8, No.3, RV 293 "L'autunno"

Concerto For Violin And Strings In F Minor, Op.8, No.4, RV 297 "L'inverno"


Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Festival Strings Lucerne, Rudolf Baumgartner

12 Concertos, Op.3 - "L'estro armonico"

Concerto No. 11 in D minor for 2 Violins and Cello, RV 565


Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Rudolf Baumgartner, Claude Starck, Festival Strings Lucerne

Giuseppe Tartini (1692 - 1770)
Violin Concerto in D minor, D.45

revised by R. Baumgartner



Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Festival Strings Lucerne

Total Playing Time 1:00:56

CD 2: The 1950s Concerto Recordings

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)
Violin Concerto No.1 In A Minor, BWV 1041

Violin Concerto No.2 In E, BWV 1042

Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Festival Strings Lucerne

Double Concerto For 2 Violins, Strings, And Continuo In D Minor, BWV 1043

Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Rudolf Baumgartner, Festival Strings Lucerne

Partita For Violin Solo No.2 In D Minor, BWV 1004


Wolfgang Schneiderhan

Total Playing Time 1:19:28

CD 3: The 1950s Concerto Recordings

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)
Violin Concerto In D, Op.61

Cadenzas by Joseph Joachim

Cadenzas by Joseph Joachim

Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Berliner Philharmoniker, Paul van Kempen

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)
Violin Concerto No.5 In A, K.219

Cadenza: Joseph Joachim

Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Wiener Symphoniker, Ferdinand Leitner

Total Playing Time 1:14:49

CD 4: The 1950s Concerto Recordings

Felix Mendelssohn (1809 - 1847)
Violin Concerto In E Minor, Op.64, MWV O14

Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Ferenc Fricsay

Max Bruch (1838 - 1920)
Violin Concerto No.1 In G Minor, Op.26

Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Ferdinand Leitner

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)
Violin Concerto No.4 In D Major, K.218

Cadenza by Wolfgang Schneiderhan

Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Berliner Philharmoniker, Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt

Total Playing Time 1:12:49

CD 5: The 1950s Concerto Recordings

Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897)
Violin Concerto In D, Op.77

Cadenza: Winkler

Wolfgang Schneiderhan, Berliner Philharmoniker, Paul van Kempen

Frank Martin (1890 - 1974)
Violin Concerto

Wolfgang Schneiderhan, L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Ernest Ansermet

Total Playing Time 1:09:22

Here's a valuable opportunity to hear an underrated violinist . . . sober musical intelligence and sensational though unshowy technique . . . Accompanied by great orchestra-and-conductor combinations, he strides through the Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bruch, and Brahms concertos with an astounding serenity and intimacy that make today's flashy superstars seem positively superficial . . . These Original Masters recording provide an eye-opening look at the musical ecstasy that a seemingly sober, sensible violinist could achieve. Good refurbishing work by the engineers.

Schneiderhan domine le texte avec force et magnificence, lui rendant toute sa grandeur spirituelle.