BACH Goldberg-Variationen Kempff
BACH Goldberg-Variationen Arr. Maisky
BACH Goldberg-Variationen Tureck
BACH Goldberg-Variationen Gavrilov
BACH Goldberg-Variationen / Pinnock
Johann Sebastian Bachīs Goldberg Variations is one of the most important Keyboard works of the Baroque Era. Listen to different interpretations on modern grand pianos as well as on harpsichord and in an arrangement for string trio.

Dragon Songs

Klavierkonzert vom Gelben Fluss
Yellow River Concerto
Solowerke für Klavier
Piano solo music
Kammermusik · Chamber Music
Fan Wei, lute · Ji Wei, zither
Zhang Jiali, double-reed pipe
China Philharmonic Orchestra
Long Yu a.o.
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Int. Release 29 Sep. 2006
Lang Lang revisits his childhood roots in China with DVD documentary and soundtrack album
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