Deutsche Grammophon GmbH
Stralauer Allee 1
10245 Berlin

If you have a question about Deutsche Grammophon's products, please first of all check our Frequently Asked Questions before sending your enquiry. Should you not find an answer there are, for example, seeking help in looking for repertoire from an old LP or CD, then please send your question to

If you are a performing artist and wish to submit a demo tape, simply send your application to:

Please note that due to high numbers of unsolicited submissions, we ask for your understanding that confirmation of receipt notices cannot be issued. All material will be screened and in case of interest you will be contacted within 2 months. Should you not receive a response during this time, you may assume that your project unfortunately does not meet our current planning needs.

Please note the following instructions:
1) Documents and music have to be provided digitally. Demos sent via mail will be disregarded.
2) We ask for your understanding that we cannot return CDs, DVDs, hard drives or flash drives that have been sent to our offices. Neither can we replace them if they get lost.
3) Please send your music as a download or streaming link. Do not attach audio files to your e-mail.

If you are looking to be in touch with Deutsche Grammophon GmbH at a business level and do not already have a contact, please also send a mail to and we will pass it on to the appropriate department.

If you are a journalist, please always first contact the Universal Classics & Jazz promotion manager of your country. Additionally we invite you to register with our Press Extranet ľ . Once your application has been accepted and activated by the promotion manager of Universal Classics & Jazz in your country, you can help yourself to the materials we provide.