It is with deep sadness that we have learnt of the passing of André Previn at his home in New York on February 28. He was 89. A wonderful performer, conductor and composer as well as an eloquent communicator we look back in thanks and pleasure on many special projects together.

These ranged from recordings of Korngold’s film scores through the Gershwin Songbook, a series of recordings with the Vienna Philharmonic, a further series of concerto recordings with Anne-Sophie Mutter, which extended to several chamber music recordings, to no few of his own compositions, including his opera A Streetcar Named Desire, his own violin concerto and the triptych Tango, Song & Dance. He dedicated and recorded both of the last two to and with Anne-Sophie Mutter, as she notes below in the case of his concerto.

Anne-Sophie Mutter has released this statement:

“André Previn has for more than 70 years illuminated this often dark world with his extraordinary gifts, his superb intelligence and wit. We were companions in music for 4 decades and closest and dearest soulmates in the last 19 years.

These years have brought me an abundance of deeply moving and challenging violin works. One of the first of them, the violin concerto, was an engagement present. I am forever grateful for all his musical treasures.

André will live on in the hearts of the millions of music lovers that his life and music has touched. His many scores will continue to enrich the life of musicians around the globe.

Right now André is probably in the middle of a jam session with Oscar and Wolfgang. …and he will outplay them.

Anne-Sophie Mutter”