Repetto's is a nasal, high-pitched singing style, exuding by turns macho swagger, wise-guy sarcasm and gushing sentiment . . . Repetto is admirably daring, exploring an obscure but inspired repertoire and gliding between moods with panache . . . this exciting debut is produced by multi-award-winning Gustavo Santaolalla, with whom Repetto had already worked as a member of the Bajofondo Tangoclub electronica collective. This time round, though, the young crooner is centre stage -- and in his element . . . with such natural talent and DG managing this release, Repetto is destined to become the leader of the faithful in Argentina and beyond.

Chris Moss, Songlines - The world music magazine (London) / May 2005

Wie immer faszinierend und einzigartig . . . Er und sein hervorragendes Begleitensemble bescheren ein Klangerlebnis, das den Zuhörer zurückversetzt in die Blütezeit des Tango.

Record Review / Ecos (Munich) / 01. February 2006