BACH Werke für Laute Söllscher Vol. 2 4137192

"Other guitarists have covered the same territory but not in any comparable way; Söllscher uses a guitar with 11 strings but its tuning is far closer to that of the Renaissance than to that of the baroque lute; it is not a 'historical' instrument, but in this case what instrument would be appropriate? Söllscher's instrument permits him to leave the basses in their proper octaves, without 'compressing' them as 'standard' guitarists must do, a benefit that is richly reaped in the Fugue of BWV998, a work widely accepted as being intended for the lute-harpsichord, not the lute. He is in truth a musician's musician [...]. His playing is technically immaculate and so too is the recording. As an account of this oeuvre (if it may be so described) these two discs are unrivalled."