ART OF LOVE Robert Sadin


Music of Guillaume de Machaut
Robert Sadin
Milton Nascimento
Natalie Merchant
Charles Curtis a.o.
Int. Release 01 Sep. 2009
0289 474 1952 5
CD DDD 0289 474 1952 5 GH
Art of Love - this remarkable, unclassifiable album brings together today's artists and ancient music


Milton Nascimento, Jasmine Thomas, John Ellis, Brad Mehldau, Charles Curtis, Cyro Baptista

Guillaume de Machaut (1300 - 1377)
Hassan Hakmoun, Mark Feldman, Charles Curtis, Seamus Blake, John Ellis, Cyro Baptista

Natalie Merchant, Romero Lubambo, Cyro Baptista

Robert Sadin, Lionel Loueke, John Ellis, Cyro Baptista

Madeleine Peyroux, Hassan Hakmoun, Mark Feldman, Charles Curtis, John Ellis, Cyro Baptista, Robert Sadin

Milton Nascimento, Charles Curtis, Seamus Blake

Matt Shulman, John Ellis, Robert Sadin, Dan Weiss, Cyro Baptista, Lionel Loueke

Brad Mehldau

Robert Sadin, Matt Shulman, Graham Haynes, Brad Mehldau, Romero Lubambo, Charles Curtis, Cyro Baptista

Charles Curtis, Brad Mehldau, Cyro Baptista

Celena Shafer, Mark Feldman, Charles Curtis, Brad Mehldau, Cyro Baptista

Charles Curtis, Romero Lubambo

Milton Nascimento

Gesamtspielzeit: 52:12

. . . there are some absolutely superb musicians here, of many different kinds. As a sample, just listen to Charles Curtis playing the cello in Force of Love . . . it is done with such masterly control and understanding that any tone-colour would be acceptable . . . there is none of the self-indulgence that so often characterises such discs: everything is kept alive and vivid . . . everything seems to grow out of a love and a deep appreciation of Machaut's music . . . the polyphonic pieces are treated fairly literally, though with refreshing novelty of texture.

In their hands, Machaut's fluid melodies sound by turn funky, dreamy or haunting. And while a certain otherworldly quality hovers over the entire album, there is little to indicate that the music was written 600 years ago . . .

Robert Sadin . . . has assembled top international musicians to render his arrangements of Machaut's music in a modern, global-music setting . . . The result is a tasty stew of Brazilian, African, jazz, Moroccan, and other contemporary world musics that allow the beauty of the original melodies to shine through the groovy new frames they are set in.

. . . heraus kam das hochgradig spannende, stimmungsvolle Konzeptalbum "The Art of Love" . . . Machauts Lieder wirken auch in diesem Gewand zeitlos gut und inspirierend.

. . . l'album mérite un coup de chapeau.