MOZART Violin Sonatas Mutter DVD-VIDEO 0734213

. . . no other artist embraced the Mozart spirit as wholeheartedly as Mutter . . .

There are many excellent recordings of Mozart's Violin Sonatas on disc to choose from, but Anne-Sophie Mutter's interpretations rise quickly to the top . . . Lambert Orkis's piano accompaniments are handsome and supportive throughout, and his work as a fortepianist pays off well. He has an ingratiating touch and really shines in K. 454 and K. 481, where the piano is given equal footing with the violin. There are almost four-and-a-half hours of music here, and all of it is beautifully performed.

Geigerisch ungemein souverän bietet Mutter einen energiegeladenen Mozart mit zugespitzten Tempi und großem, zwischen exzessivem Vibrato und Non-vibrato changierendem Ton. Mit ähnlicher Vitalität und Dynamik des Zugriffs, der sehr energisch sein kann, interpretiert Mutter mit Lambert Orkis auch Mozarts große Violinsonaten.