SCHUMANN Lieder Fischer-Dieskau Eschenb. 4456602

I expected good things from Maurizio Pollini, but his recording on Deutsche Grammophon provided more passion, more colour, more drama, than my wildest dreams. In the faster Etudes, such as Op. 10 No. 1, Pollini creates a surging effect by means of subtle dynamics, getting louder and softer according to the expressive connotations of the harmonies but never letting the intensity drop . . . Pollini's flexible rubato, combined with a lovely cantabile tone, maintained my interest and twanged that all-important heartstring . . . I was swayed by the fact that Pollini's recording is blessed with a beautifully clear and vivid sound.

Fischer-Dieskau . . . sings a neurotic, highly coloured "Liederkreis".

[Wunderlich]: . . . his ringing top A at the end of "Ich grolle nicht" is the most thrilling sound on any "Dichterliebe" recording. His is a performance of unsurpassed liquid beauty, and for that alone we should be grateful . . . gorgeous, freely produced tone and scrupulous diction . . .