. . . Repin and Nikolai Lugansky demonstrate in this trio of sonatas not only their love for the music but also their stylistic and emotional insight, their broad spectrum of colour and the way that they work so closely and instinctively together . . . Repin's and Lugansky's subtlety of expression is a major factor in making this so outstanding, so ravishing and so spine-tingling. Both musicians give of their utmost and, when the musicians in question are Repin and Lugansky, that makes for something exceptional.

Record Review / Geoffrey Norris, The Daily Telegraph (London) / 15. October 2010

This is one of the finest performances I have ever heard of the Janáček, played with breathtaking conviction and an utterly persuasive grasp of Janáček's idiom . . . Their new disc is worth getting for this performance of the Janáček alone, but the rest is every bit as impressive.

Record Review / International Record Review (London) / 01. December 2010

. . . [Franck]: Repin and Lugansky plot a lucid pathway through its labyrinth of interlocking, dovetailing themes . . . in the finale [of the Grieg] Repin's pinhead-subtle expressive slides between notes is delightful . . . Repin and Lugansky match ardent physicality with rare musical intelligence.

Record Review / Classic FM (London) / 01. December 2010