There is an intimate warmth and bloom about this classical sitar album, which is largely thanks to Anoushka Shankar's sublime playing, but is also due to the beautiful sound quality. . . ["Raga Jogtshwad"]: In the slow opening "alap" there's a tangible feeling of the warm evening air, scents and heightened emotions. It's something to bask and revel in . . . [on "tabla" Shankar is joined by Tanmoy Bose, who] plays a gentle and un-showy seven-beat rupaktaal. Even when it gets elegantly nimble towards the end, it feels like a performance among friends, rather than a display . . . "Khamaj" is thought of as a sensual raga and she brings out its arabesque-like qualities with delicate tracery in a shimmering conclusion.

What a pleasure: A formal North Indian classical record from the sometimes crossover-minded sitarist, exploring late-evening Raga Jogeshwari -- one of her late father Ravi's compositions. A return home in more ways than one.