PURCELL Dido and Aeneas / Pinnock 4276242

. . . Dido's final lament is perhaps the fastest on record; and in many ways it is one of the most affecting performances too, because every detail of the instrumental writing is miraculously controlled and because Anne Sofie von Otter is given the opportunity to project the line so clearly . . . Lynne Dawson turns in an excellent Belinda, well partnered by Sarah Leonard in Fear no danger. One novelty is that the Sorceress is here taken down an octave to be sung by Nigel Rogers at the bottom of his range. Curtis Price explains why in an informative note. Without taking sides on the issue, I do think it works very well here . . . Where Pinnock scores is in the refinement and control that shows throughout. Every detail is thoroughly musical.

[Otter] tiene gran poder de encantamiento. . . . La versión atrae por la fuerza de su inspiración barroca y el buen hacer de Pinnock, maestro en el color instrumental y en la fusión de todos los elementos que conjugan su versión.