CHOPIN 4 Scherzi / Pogorelich


4 Scherzi
No. 1 op. 20
No. 2 op. 31
No. 3 op. 39
No. 4 op. 54
Ivo Pogorelich
Int. Release 19 Oct. 1998
1 CD / Download
0289 439 9472 9

Track List

Frédéric Chopin (1810 - 1849)
Ivo Pogorelich

Total Playing Time 41:56

. . . it's precisely the marrying of his imaginative scope with his extraordinary technical resource that opens up such startling expressive possibilities. The First and Second Scherzos show the juxtaposition of extremes at its most intense, stretching the limits of the musically viable. Predictably, the outer sections of the B minor Scherzo are incredibly fast, possessed of an almost demonic drive, while the central Polish carol ("Sleep little Jesus") is unusually slow and luxuriously sustained. But such extremes, of character as much as tempo, place enormous tension on the musical structure, and this is most evident in the B flat minor Scherzo. Make no mistake, Pogorelich's playing is astounding, from the imperious opening to the lingering and ravishing middle section, where his sublime lyrical simplicity is of the deepest inward poetry . . . There are more ideas crammed into under 42 minutes than on many discs almost twice the length . . . the force of Pogorelich's musical personality subtly and irrevocably shapes one's view of the music. A truly extraordinary disc.

Ivo Pogorelich va plus loin que tous dans sa volonté de souligner l'individualisme de ces pages ténébreuses, grâce à des qualités pianistiques extrêmement sophistiquées et un art de la mise en scène poussé à l'extrême.