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We are excited to be able to deliver most of our new recordings in the new high-quality spatial listening experience of Dolby Atmos®. We also have an ongoing program of catalogue re-issues newly remastered in this technology. See the list below.
Mahler: Symphony No.2 "Resurrection" Dolby Atmos
Mahler: Symphony No.2 "Resurrection" Dolby Atmos
Symphonie No. 2
»Auferstehung · Resurrection
Résurrection · Resurrezione«
Barbara Hendricks
Christa Ludwig
The Westminster Choir
New York Philharmonic
Leonard Bernstein
VÖ: September 29, 2023

Leonard Bernstein in Dolby Atmos®

Watch also the video interview with Rainer Maillard of Emil Berliner Studios. He tells how DG is so often able to draw on our original multitrack tapes to create our new Dolby Atmos® remasterings. He also explains how binaural playback of Dolby Atmos® via stereo head- or earphones works – in addition to a surround setup of multiple speakers in a listening room.
Watch now The Road to Dolby Atmos® - Deutsche Grammophon and 3D Sound Engineering by Diverse Künstler

Apple Music Spatial Audio – Three playlists celebrating the best of DG in Dolby Atmos®

The DG Playlist, Best of Dolby Atmos, John Williams in Dolby Atmos
The DG Playlist, Best of Dolby Atmos, John Williams in Dolby Atmos
Continuing our partnership with Apple Music we are delighted to present three new playlists in Apple Music Spatial Audio showcasing the best of DG in Dolby Atmos®. Next to The DG Playlist and the Best of Dolby Atmos® playlist, we also present John Williams in Dolby Atmos® featuring Williams’ famous film music and conducted in part by the composer himself with the Wiener Philharmoniker and Berliner Philharmoniker.