The Avantgarde Series | The Avantgarde Series

The Avantgarde Series
The Avantgarde Series
The legendary DG Avantgarde vinyl series (1968–1971) is turning 55! In order to celebrate this occasion, the series is now released on 21 CDs for the first time. The Avantgarde series serves as a historical document for a time of radical change in musical thinking and the breaking of artistic boundaries. The question “What is music?” confronted many of the composers and musicians involved in the series, and the anti-authoritarian spirit of the 1960s and 1970s was a palpable influence. Deutsche Grammophon’s Avantgarde Series reflects all the currents that thus arose, without aesthetic demarcations and across genres and instrumentations: large orchestral works stand alongside chamber music and solo forms, electronic music and improvisations.
The Avantgarde series
The Avantgarde series
Works by:
Lutosławski · Penderecki · Mayuzumi
Kagel · Allende-Blin · Ligeti
Bedford · Mellnäs · Kopelent
Berio · Stockhausen · Cage
and many more
VÖ: August 18, 2023