Before you send us your questions via our email service, why not check this list of Frequently Asked Questions. Yours might be among them.

  1. LP Downloads:
    1. The link on my voucher for the LP download doesn’t work. Where can I find the download?

    Here you can find all LP downloads: Please select the album you would like to download.

    2. Why can’t I validate my voucher for the LP download? Why is my voucher code no longer valid?

    Please send a picture and a receipt of your purchased LP to us and we will investigate why your code is no longer valid. Please contact us here: info {at} deutschegrammophon {.} com 

  2. Autographs:
    Please get in touch with the artist management in order to request an autograph as we do not send out autographs anymore.
  3. Faulty Products / Returns:
    1. Who do I contact?
    Please contact the retailer where you bought the DG product. They are responsible for the replacement if the product has a default. This includes missing CDs, product damages and booklet defaults.

    2. Why have my CDs turned into a bronze color?
    This is a quite common occurrence among all CDs that have been released in the early 1980s and 1990s. Please contact us and send us pictures of your damaged product. We will try to send you the digital equivalent to your album.

    3. The foam of my CD box has dissolved and has created a sticky material on to the CDs. What can I do?
    A lot of record labels used the material for CD sets in the 1980s and today we receive a significant amount of emails reporting similar foam problems. We recommend to not use any special cleaning products. Warm water and gentle use of a microfiber cloth usually are enough to play the CD again.
    Here are some tipps to clean the CDs from the foam:!topic/
    We are also happy to send you a digital equivalent to the defect DG product.
  4. High Resolution Audio Products:
    Where can I buy or stream high resolution audio products?
    There are different retailers that offer high-resolution audio quality for almost all DG releases:
    - Qobuz
    Or if you prefer streaming, you can access audio files in FLAC quality via these streaming services:
  5. Licensing Music or Video:
    I need permission from DG to use one of your recordings, or a part of one, for my film/play/advertisement etc. How can I obtain this permission?
    Depending on which country you are from please contact the following responsible departments:
    USA: phone 310-865-0770
    UK: sync {at} umusic {.} com
    Benelux: licensing.benelux {at} umusic {.} com
    Other: Please select your country and contact the department there,
  6. License Images / Images for Media:
    Where can I obtain high resolution images for my company/article?
    On our DG Press Extranet selected images are made available for our media partners. If you do not have Press Extranet access, you can register here: You are allowed to use the pictures for 3 months.
    For longer terms please contact us info {at} deutschegrammophon {.} com
  7. Job Application:
    How and where can I apply for a job at Deutsche Grammophon?
    Please contact Universal Music in Berlin for any job inquiries
  8. Press:
    Where can I access promotional materials?
    Please join our Press Extranet to get access to our promo materials:
  9. Wrong CD information:
    Why are there strange symbols displayed when I load my CD on my computer in iTunes or Windows Media Player?
    If you change your settings in the program to allow external data, you should see all the metadata displayed. If you still see the wrong titling, but you do not want it, you can change the titling with the following program:
    You can also contact the iTunes customer service.
  10. Newsletter:
    How can I unsubscribe from the Newsletter?
    You can unsubscribe at the bottom of the last newsletter sent to you.
    For the German Newsletter subscribe here:
  11. Product Inquiries:
    1. Is there a full discography of all the DG releases ever made?
    No, we are not currently able to offer this service. It is however still possible to buy old DG catalogues from antiquarian bookselling websites.

    2. Where can I find information on an old vinyl that I found?
    You are most likely to find information on LPs released before 1950 on Some releases are also added in our online catalogue here:

    3. I have an old recording of which I want a new copy, but it seems not to be available either locally or in your international catalogue. Is there any way still to find it?
    Please search our online catalogue or second hand stores or online stores like discogs or Ebay.

    4. What will be released or re-released by Deutsche Grammophon in the near future?
    Releases coming in the near future are visible in the catalogue:
    Please find the New Releases of this month here:

    5. Why is an item on your website not available in my local shop?
    The releases presented in this website are DG's international releases. These are distributed to retailers and marketed to you by separate Universal Classics & Jazz operating companies in over 40 countries. Each company, at its discretion and within certain limits, can choose to retain only those items in its local catalogue which sell best in its market. You can still ask your shop to import an international item, even if not available locally, though this will cost extra.

    6. What are DG's plans for DVD-Video?
    Please see our list of DVDs for details on our current and future DVD-Video releases.

    7. I'm interested in vinyl recordings; do you still press them? Where can I buy them?
    There are two companies that manufacture LPs under licence from DG. and

    8. Why do you not feature series such as Eloquence, Double and Classikon in your catalogue?
    These are local series that are available only in a few countries. We regret that we are not currently able to show information about these series in this website.

    9. How can I find information on Deutsche Grammophon Literatur releases?
    These releases are produced only in German. Please go to for full information.