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1. Downloading your purchased music

i) Recommendation: use the Universal Music Downloader to download the full album package

Tip: make sure your Media Player (e.g. Windows Media Player or Real Player) is set up to import any new files that you download automatically to your media player’s library.

In Windows Media player for example, you can find the “add to library” settings bottom left. One of them is called “by monitoring folders…”. Click this and then choose the folder(s) on your computer to which you usually download.

ii) Instead of using the Download Manager you can download a ZIP file of the album package.

A ZIP file is originally a normal folder containing multiple files that have been packaged together with the program WINZIP into a single file for easier electronic distribution. This way you can download the whole album with one click.

You need then WINZIP or another similar program on your computer to “unzip” or “expand” the downloaded ZIP file back into the original format of folder and its contents of the tracks you have downloaded.

You must “unzip” a ZIP file before you can import the music into the library of your media player.

iii) Download to your mobile

We also offer the option of downloading tracks to your mobile phone. Please click here for more information

2. Setting up your desktop music player

i) Where to go to download free desktop music players

  1. iTunes (recommended for MP3 playback):
  2. Windows Media Player:
  3. Real Player:
  4. Media Monkey (recommended for FLAC playback):
  5. Winamp:

ii) How to set up a player as your default player

  1. iTunes: go to Menu > Edit > Preferences > Advanced > "use iTunes as the default player for audio files"
  2. Windows Media Player: go to Menu > Tools > Options > File Types and check the mp3 box

iii)How to import downloaded music into your player's library

  1. iTunes: go to Menu > File > Add folder to library
  2. Windows Media Player: go to Menu > File > Add to library > By Monitoring Folders… (automatic) or > Add Folder… (manually)
  3. Real Player: go to Menu > File > Add Files to My Library > Add Folder

3. About the music in this shop

We offer downloads in two formats:

  1. MP3 files at a high quality bit rate of 320 kbps (kilobits per second)
  2. FLAC files that give you the full audio quality of the CD (16 bit/ 44,1khz)

Please note that iTunes does not play FLAC files. We recommend you use either Media Monkey or Winamp. For information about converting FLAC to Apple Lossless or WMA please click here.

Both types are in an open format, mp3s can be played by almost all desktop players and portable devices. There is no restriction on making copies or burning CDs from these files for your personal use only. However, to pass copies of these files on to other people is an infringement of copyright law and the terms and conditions of this shop to which you have agreed with any registered purchase from this shop.

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