JANACEK String Quartets + WOLF / Hagen Quartett

String Quartets
No. 1 »Kreutzer«
No. 2 »Intime Briefe · Intimate Letters«

Italian Serenade
Hagen Quartett
Int. Release 05 Sep. 1989
0289 427 6692 1

Lista de temas

Leos Janácek (1854 - 1928)
String Quartet No.1

"Kreutzer Sonata"

String Quartet No.2 "Intimate Letters"

Hugo Wolf (1860 - 1903)
Hagen Quartett

Tiempo total de reproducción 51:31

I was so taken by the passion of the playing and also the sound quality. These performances are in the spirit of Janácek -- slightly crazy interpretations, and not afraid of going right to the edge. It's a perfect match between composer and players!