GÖRAN SÖLLSCHER Renaissance album 4775726

There's enough colour for a sense of duetting between instruments, and that's quite apart from the Dowland piece for two players on one lute, in which Göran Söllscher takes both parts. Four separate sets of Dowland include some of his perkiest pieces and two of his most searching: "Semper Dowland semper dolens", and the doom-laden descents and fierce resolution of "Forlorn Hope Fance". Between times it's a tour of Europe's finest. The guitar imitates a vihuela imitating a harp courtesy of the Spanish composer Alonso Mudarra, shows off Francesco da Milano's fine counterpoint in a Ricercare, and dwells unusually in Germany where the expressive "Wer gnad durch klaff" by Arnolt Schlick is a highlight. Söllscher's concentrated, serene and deft playing supplies the defining character, recorded close but discreetly.

Söllscher manages to imbue his playing with the two conditions to which all great art should aspire -- clarity and mystery. No mean feat, given the modest nature of some of the material. How does he achieve this? By combining a historically informed attitude with a critical awareness that he is in fact a recreative artist looking back, with a certain wistful nostalgia perhaps, to a time that's very much a part of our collective subconscious . . . Söllscher shows how a sensitive and intelligent musician can use a modern guitar to encourage rather than restrict the listener's imagination.

A smooth, relaxed playing style, crisp articulation and a tone balancing sweet and dry (perfect for this repertoire) ensures a clarity of projection that allows the listener to grasp the essentials of each piece while ensuring ample space for fantasy to work its magic.

. . . Söllscher se imbuye del espíritu de una época y con destreza resalta el colorido de cada pieza, sabiendo adaptarse a las características distintivas de cada escuela y país. Evocador.

Söllscher nos ofrece una visión amplia y estéticamente ajustada de los pilares más importantes del período . . . con versiones nítidas, de claro contrapunto y llenas de bellos recursos musicales.