DEL TREDICI Vintage Alice Syzygy Knussen


Vintage Alice


Lieder Ě Songs*
Lucy Shelton, Soprano
David Del Tredici, Piano
Asko Ensemble
Oliver Knussen
Int. Release 01 Oct. 2003
0289 447 7532 7
DDD 0289 447 7532 7 GH
20/21 Series

Track List

David Del Tredici (1937 - )
Syzygy for soprano, horn, chimes and chamber ensemble (1968)

Lucy Shelton, Oliver Knussen, Asko Ensemble, Peppie Wiersma, Wim Vos

Four Songs on Poems by James Joyce

Two Songs on Poems by James Joyce

Lucy Shelton, David Del Tredici

Vintage Alice

Lucy Shelton, Oliver Knussen, Asko Ensemble

Total Playing Time 1:08:17

Thourghout the disc, Lucy Shelton's virtuosity is placed at the service of the music, with Oliver Knussen securing bravura playing from the ASKO Ensemble in the very different major works, and the composer a sensitive accompanist in the songs with piano.

. . . Del Tredici proves fascinating in committed performances.

A relentless display of creative verve and elaborate orchestral detail.

The music is marvellous. Funny, extravagant, and virtuoso in the extreme, it captures the whimsy of Carroll's text and -- in the undercurrent of things -- gives voice as to why the Hatter is mad in the first place . . . The performance from 1994 is terrific. Shelton is beyond praise in both her vocal gymnastics and her ability to characterize the text's different voices of narrator, Hatter, and Alice herself. The recordings, whether live or studio, are exquisite . . . Urgently recommended.

The "Four Songs" and "Two Songs" . . . are brilliant evidence of Del Tredici's talent at the beginning of his twenties . . . it seems that the composer's natural ebullience was constrained by the prevalent style of the day and . . . he does everything he can to animate and move the music forward on the micro-tempic level . . . It's wonderful to have this music back in circulation . . . Lucy Shelton has a radiant voice that seems capable of negotiating any leap, and sustaining any given dynamic in any register, no matter how extreme. The composer's elemental musicality serves him well as accompanist. He projects great delicacy and gusto simultaneously . . . Highly recommended.