Hilary Hahn | Ives
Patricia Petibon

Hilary Hahn
Valentina Lisitsa, piano
Charles Ives
Four Sonatas

CD 477 9435
Also available as download
First releaesed in the US and Japan 11. Oct. 2011

  • Charles Ivesís idiom is in Hilary Hahnís American blood - which her fierce and fitting playing shows. Her partnership with pianist Valentina Lisitsa models what two singular artists can accomplish in the interests of a common cause
  • Quirky, peculiar, rich with Charles Ivesís idiosyncratic notion of melody, peppered with prankish dissonance yet also logical - and, in its logic, beautiful - Ivesís works for violin and piano turn familiar musical expressions upside down. They are an alternate universe of aesthetic pleasure