Give Us A Day And We’ll Give You A Lifetime

While we at Deutsche Grammophon believe that listening to classical music is good for you, we don’t want you to think of “good” in the sense of “I must eat my Brussel sprouts” kind of good for you. Foremost, we want you to enjoy what you are hearing and have you clamouring for more, using our suggestions to hear music you may be experiencing for the first time. We thank you for the trust you are placing in us for following our suggestions.

What would be music to our ears is to hear from you that the music presented in the History of Classical Music in 24 Hours has opened up a door that you did not even know existed; something that starts a new adventure or piques your curiosity. Although we make no claims to being comprehensive, we believe that this 24-CD set is representative of great classical music.

For over 110 years Deutsche Grammophon has been recording the greatest artists playing the greatest classical repertoire, from the beginning of time to the music of today. The Yellow Label has been at the forefront of recording technology, providing you, the listener, with the latest in recorded sound. We look forward to your “day” with us and to hearing that you too, have caught the classical bug – sorry, there is no cure.

Your Deutsche Grammophon Team

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