BRAHMS Symphony No. 4 / Kleiber


Symphony No. 4
Wiener Philharmoniker
Carlos Kleiber
Int. Release 06 Jan. 1998
1 CD / Download
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The Originals


Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897)
Symphony No. 4 in E Minor, Op. 98

Wiener Philharmoniker, Carlos Kleiber

총 재생시간 39:41

Kleiber's recording from 1980 has stood the test of time particularly well . . . There is a wondrous glow to the Vienna Philharmonic's sound and a sense of pacing to the interpretation that underlines the music's integrity.

The reading of power and elegance: Kleiber always had something fascinating to say about this greatest of works.

His classic 1981 recording with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has polish and fire in equal measure, displaying that characteristic Kleiber blend of intellectual rigour, passion and perfectionism.

. . . Kleiber marries glorious orchestral playing to an interpretation, at once fierce, noble and sympathetic, which perfectly elucidates Brahms's tragic discourse . . . The digital recording conveys the glorious playing with great fidelity . . . Kleiber's is a performance to be bought and studied, absorbing enough on first acquaintance and beyond . . . there's a lot of scope for warmth and sonorous beauty in this symphony without compromising the final tragedy, and I feel Kleiber finds that balance . . . vivid, polished . . . with an epic sense of momentum and emotional weight where it counts -- and a glorious-sounding orchestra giving of its best in response.

Une interprétation exemplaire de liberté maîtrisée.

. . . [une] brillante version Carlos Kleiber-Vienne.