Classical Bytes

Hear the works of the ten greatest composers on Classical Bytes. Find out about their lives and read about their music on the Classical Bytes Web site.

Classical Bytes is the new entry-level classical series. The CDs are samplers of key tracks providing a panoramic overview of the composer's musical scope.

The covers feature cartoon illustrations of the composers that take them out of their historic context and imagine them as living presences in our modern day culture, no less vital than their music has remained. Each cover was done by a different renowned U.S. cartoonist to create an eye-catching mix and emphasize the uniqueness of every featured composer. (Read more about the cover designers in the Repertoire Background section below.)

Various styles of cartoon characters are as much part of global modern culture as quick access to information via the Internet is. Classical Bytes is designed to give a quick, accessible and fun overview of the composer's works and lives and leave you with an appetite to learn more.

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