• DG 111 - The Conductors (00028947974772)
  • DG 111 - The Violin (00028947962205)
  • DG 111 - The Piano (00028947943518)
  • 111 - 6 Classic Recordings (00028947954491)
  • DG 111 - Adagio (00028948200696)
  • DG 111 - Mozart (00028947907725)
  • DG 111 - Mozart (00028947907732)
  • DG 111 (00028947792352)
  • DG 111 - Collectors Edition 1 (00028947781677)
  • DG 111 (00028947781684)

Discover the Joys of Classical Music

Deutsche Grammophon and Groovebug (maker of the acclaimed app for jazz label Blue Note) have teamed up to bring you a carefully and lovingly curated app of the finest classical music from the archives of the world’s leading classical music label.

The app presents a curated selection of 450 albums in high quality audio streams by 80 star artists from the label’s peerless roster and represents all the famous composers from across the genres from Bach through Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin to Tchaikovsky, Debussy and Rachmaninov. The artists and composer are presented on pages showing the selection of albums per artist or composer, a short biography, pictures as well as articles and videos culled from open sources around the web.

Every week Deutsche Grammophon’s editors will present new listening recommendations in the form of hand-crafted playlists and artists and composers in-focus as well as featuring articles telling the story behind the music, made available to the app by Sinfinimusic.com. Every month the app’s selection will grow by up to 40 further albums.

Main features include:

  • Access to more than 450 albums
  • New music added monthly
  • Browsing by artist and composer
  • Original album liner notes
  • Meticulous attention to detail of information
  • Photo galleries and slideshows


  • Download the app for free to explore a wealth of content and 30-second audio clips
  • This is a subscription music service.  Buy your subscription with an in-App Purchase for 3.99 USD per month (renewing monthly) or at the discounted rate of 35.99 USD per year (2.99 USD per month).
  • Subscriptions renew at the same rate automatically 24 hours prior to the end of the period subscribed to.