Curated Playlists

Listen to our recordings in Apple Music

At the invitation of Apple Music we are delighted to present our page of own curated playlists within the Apple Music streaming service. We hope our playlists can act as a guide, both to you, our many faithful followers, as well as to those just starting their exploration of classical music.

The Playlists

Our spread of playlists is broad, and will grow. Some are generic across genres and themes, such as our "Milestone Recordings" and "Classical Music Highlights" playlists. Others are thematically specific, like our "Big Orchestral Sounds" and "Classical Piano" playlists. You can keep up-to-date with our "Latest Recordings" playlist and even enjoy an exclusive pre-listen before any other shops in the "Hear It First" playlist.

Most of the playlists are going to remain as they are, so you can be sure to come back to find your favourite pieces there again. But "Our Weekly Selection" playlist will focus on a different theme each week, usually a portrait of a composer whose anniversary falls in that week. But it also tracks important works celebrating the anniversary of their premieres too.