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Learn the piano with Tomplay and Christoph Eschenbach

Play with Christoph Eschenbach in Collaboration with Tomplay
We are delighted to collaborate with Tomplay to offer the combination of Christoph Eschenbach’s audio recordings together with the digital sheet music of all pieces in the edition in the Tomplay app. The Tomplay app includes sophisticated technical aids to help pianists learn the music.
 Try out the combination of recording and digital sheet music in the Tomplay app with the voucher in your copy of the 16-CD edition. The voucher offers a free trial of recording and digital sheet music of J.S. Bach’s Minuet in G minor, BWV Anh 115. All the pieces in the Piano Lessons edition are available in Tomplay as digital sheet music combined with the audio recordings.   Vol. 1 - Beyer: Preparatory School op. 101; Mozart; Schumann
Vol. 2 - Burgmüller: 25 Etudes op. 100; J. S. Bach: Six little Preludes BWV 933–938, Various Piano Pieces
Vol. 3 - J.S. Bach: Inventions & Sinfonias BWV 772–786 & 787–801
Vol. 4 - Czerny: 30 Etudes de Mécanisme, op. 849
Vol. 5 - Czerny: 40 Etudes op. 299 “School of Velocity”
Vol. 6a – Piano Sonatinas by BeethovenClementiDiabelliDussekKuhlau: Part 1
Vol. 6b – Piano Sonatinas by BeethovenClementiDiabelliDussekKuhlau: Part 2
Vol. 7a – Piano Sonatas by BeethovenHaydnMozart: Part 1
Vol. 7b – Piano Sonatas by BeethovenHaydnMozart: Part 2
Vol. 8a - Mendelssohn: Songs without Words: Part 1
Vol. 8b - Mendelssohn: Songs without Words: Part 2