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Christoph Eschenbach presents Piano Lessons

Christoph Eschenbach
© Manu Teobald
Piano Lessons by Christoph Eschenbach provides a swathe of repertoire often neglected by recording pianists – few artists have dedicated time to record albums packed with Czerny, Clementi, Kuhlau and Burgmüller. This project features one of the most comprehensive editions of pedagogical piano repertoire, featuring pieces every piano student encounters during his/her career.
Christoph Eschenbach is a multifaceted recording artist who enjoyed a phenomenal and worldwide career as pianist, accompanist and conductor and has discovered and supported many soloists of international reputation.
Thanks to our collaboration with Tomplay, you will find all the repertoire in this box set on the Tomplay Sheet Music app. In Tomplay, the audio of Christoph Eschenbach’s performances is synchronized with the scores, letting you learn to play the pieces while taking inspiration from Eschenbach’s legendary recordings. Your purchase of this box set comes with a special offer of free access to J.S. Bach’s Minuet in G minor, BWV Anh 115 in the Tomplay app.
Digitally, the edition is spread across 8 albums available on all download and streaming services with the final digital installment available 5 February 2021!