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Remembering Claudio Abbado

Claudio Abbado (2008)
© Peter Fischli
Claudio Abbado is remembered as one of the most outstanding conductors of his era, with an astonishing capacity to go straight to the heart of the music he performed. Today, as we remember Maestro Claudio Abbado on the seventh anniversary of his death, Jon Tolansky presents a video podcast series examining the exceptional impact the conductor made on musicians and on audiences.
After the celebrated Claudio Abbado & Wiener Philharmoniker (released 2020) and Claudio Abbado & Berliner Philharmoniker (released 2019), we are honouring this great maestro with the third prestigious orchestra he has been associated with: the London Symphony Orchestra in a new complete edition. This 46-CD set also includes two CDs of recordings with the New Philharmonia Orchestra and liner notes by Jon Tolansky.
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