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Schnittke: Works for Violin & Piano

Alfred Schnittke, Daniel Hope
© Fred Münzmaier
Daniel Hope releases his new album Schnittke – Works for Violin and Piano, featuring Ukrainian pianist Alexey Botvinov, an acclaimed interpreter of the composer’s works. The programme embraces everything from the immediately accessible Polka and Tango to the multi-layered Violin Sonata No.1, the work that first ignited Hope’s passion for Schnittke’s music.
Daniel Hope was fifteen when he first encountered the music of Alfred Schnittke in 1989. The experience launched a love affair with the Russian composer’s work that has continued to deepen ever since. The violinist’s latest album pays homage to this maverick genius, whose elegant explorations of past styles and free-thinking experiments in “polystylism” were both original and iconoclastic, at times bringing him into conflict with the Soviet authorities.
The album is released today, 5 February 2021.
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