Max Richter | News | Max Richter Soundtracks The Finale Of Dior Show At Paris Fashion Week With New 'Spring 1' Remix

Max Richter Soundtracks The Finale Of Dior Show At Paris Fashion Week With New ‘Spring 1’ Remix

Max Richter: Spring 1 Remix
© Florian Karg
Acclaimed composer Max Richter has created a bespoke new remix of his popular work ‘Spring 1’ for the finale of Dior’s fashion show at Paris Fashion Week today, Friday 24 June. The single, ‘Spring 1 (Levitation Mix)’, is also released today on Deutsche Grammophon. It marks Max’s third collaboration with designer Kim Jones.
Max took his place on the front row at the Dior show at Val-de-Grâce in Paris for the launch of the track, which is based on ‘Spring 1’ from his latest recording, The New Four Seasons. The album was released earlier this month in collaboration with Chineke! Orchestra and violin soloist Elena Urioste – 10 years after Max’s original Recomposed project, which saw him reinvent Vivaldi’s famous work. This new remix provides a different musical colour through the use of classical instruments combined with deeper electronic elements.
Max says of the new remix: “‘Spring 1’ is the first music the orchestra plays in Recomposed. It is all about beginnings and growth, of things starting simply but gradually coming together, and the idea that the collective adds up to more than the sum of its parts; we are at our best when we work together. This was the idea I wanted to push further in the remix. I replaced the original violin parts with 8 harps and anchored it around a simple but heavy low end track. ‘Spring 1’ is joyful music, and I had fun remixing it.” 
Kim Jones, Artistic Director, Dior Men, comments: “Max Richter is the composer of his generation. He speaks volumes to people in so many different ways. I am extremely honoured he recomposed and remixed ‘Spring 1’ for this season’s show. I know we both have an interest in the Bloomsbury Group and I felt his work would add to the emotion of a show celebrating Christian Dior’s private life in the country and his love of the garden, feelings that were shared and inspired the Bloomsbury artist Duncan Grant, whose work is featured in the collection.”
Max Richter has collaborated with designer Kim Jones twice before, for his Fendi Couture Spring/Summer 2021 and Autumn/Winter 2021 shows. His music was also used in a recent Dior Mother’s Day advert.
Listen to the newly released ‘Spring 1 (Levitation Mix)’ here:
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