New imprint will be an additional home for innovative and ground-breaking original music expanding the genre of classical music

Deutsche Grammophon is proud to announce that the new album from platinum-selling German electronica dance music act Schiller will be the debut release from the company's new Panorama label, an additional new home for innovative artists and unique musical and creative projects exploring new spheres of classical music.

Berlin-based Deutsche Grammophon, known the world over by its distinctive and historic 'Yellow Label' logo, has been at the vanguard of technological and artist development since its formation in 1898 and today is home to many of the world's greatest classical artists, including Herbert von Karajan, Anna Netrebko, Gustavo Dudamel, Rolando Villazón and Anne-Sophie Mutter. Panorama will present new acts and projects that complement the Yellow Label's existing classical roster with its own dedicated A&R team led by Executive Producer Christian Badzura who will work alongside Deutsche Grammophon's VP for A&R, Ute Fesquet.

Schiller, the electronica act created by Christopher von Deylen, epitomises the creative vision and ambition of the Panorama label and so is the perfect artist to launch the new imprint. Schiller's new release "Opus" features Deutsche Grammophon artists Anna Netrebko, Hélène Grimaud and Albrecht Mayer and showcases new compositions and arrangements from von Deylen that have been inspired by great melodies from the world of classical music, creating a thrilling and inspiring album.

"Our goal is always to deliver incredible and innovative music right around the world, and Panorama is our additional new Deutsche Grammophon home for creative artists and projects", says Deutsche Grammophon President Mark Wilkinson.

Schiller's Christopher von Deylen added: "It is my pleasure to be the first artist to release on Deutsche Grammophon's new Panorama label. 'Opus' blends classical melodies with electronica sounds, making it a perfect entrée to the Panorama portfolio."

"Panorama is Deutsche Grammophon's new 'innovation lab'," added Frank Briegmann, President Central Europe Universal Music and Deutsche Grammophon. "Besides Deutsche Grammophon's wonderful and established classical music productions, the label will create new sound-worlds, touching the borders and pushing the boundaries of the classical music genre. We will experiment with the unfamiliar - expanding our horizons as we look to bring new audiences to the wide-ranging world of classical music. There is no doubt in my mind: once people have experienced stars like Anna Netrebko, Hélène Grimaud and Albrecht Mayer on recordings such as Christopher von Deylen's exceptional album "Opus", they will be inspired by their art. I am particularly delighted that our new label will be launched by such a successful and forward-thinking artist as Christopher. I wish the artists and the Panorama team the all very best."

With the Schiller album set for release on 30 August, future plans include a new "recomposed" project from Jan Delay producer, Matthias Arfmann, a new album from award-winning soprano Mojca Erdmann (who recently recorded with Gold-selling Universal act, Die Priester), several soundtracks, and a Christmas album from award-winning film composer, Nigel Hess.