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John Williams Presents 'The Berlin Concert' on DG Stage

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Two legends shared the stage this autumn – in a glorious debut, John Williams conducted the Berliner Philharmoniker for the very first time. John Williams – The Berlin Concert, captured live by Deutsche Grammophon during a series of sold-out concerts, presents some of the world’s best-known film music performed by one of the world’s greatest orchestras. The DG album is set for release on 4 February 2022, in time for the renowned composer’s 90th birthday just four days later. “John Williams doesn’t need the films, the films need him,” wrote Rolling Stone after the concert, while Berlin’s Der Tagesspiegel summed up the event as simply “one of those great evenings”. Fans can catch an exclusive preview of the concert on 2 January 2022, when it will be streamed in full on DG Stage. This stream features the unabridged concert, complete with all tracks and encores, moderations, and introductions by John Williams.

This once-in-a-lifetime event continues DG’s celebration of the work of the multi-award-winning composer. The label’s chart-topping John Williams in Vienna set the mark as the best-selling symphonic recording of 2020. John Williams – The Berlin Concert now complements that programme with a tracklist made up of additional repertoire and familiar favourites.

The Berlin Concert streams on DG Stage on 2 January 2022, tickets are available here.

John Williams - The Berlin Concert - 2CD Cover
THE BERLIN CONCERT John Williams (Standard Edition)
Feb 4, 2022

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