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HOME Abbott
HOME Abbott



January 29, 2021
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The third series of our “Project XII” starts this year with the release of Home by Hamburg-based composer and pianist, Abbott. His story doesn’t begin as a child with virtuoso fingers flying over piano keys. Instead, his story begins in his youth with YouTube tutorials and a passion for film music. What follows are a degree at the Artez Conservatorium in the Netherlands, commissioned work in the Mecca of film-music Los Angeles and music compositions and productions in Hamburg. 

The song Home is Abbott’s search for the literal meaning of the word ‘home’. He doesn’t see it as a physical place, but rather connects it with having certain people around him. This closeness, that he captures musically in ‘Home’, is also present in the production process. To preserve the personal and intimate character of the song, he collaborates with close friends and companions. This includes the talented cellist Ruben Jeyasunduram, who recorded every cello part.

The single is released for download and stream now.

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