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MIXING COLOURS Roger Eno & Brian Eno
Mixing Colours
Mixing Colours
In their first collaboration
Brian & Roger Eno present an anthology
of sonic inspiration.

Mixing Colours invites listeners into a
prismatic world of calm and contemplation.
Roger Eno
Brian Eno
VÖ: March 20, 2020
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Product Information

Roger and Brian Eno explore the nature of sound in their first ever duo album, Mixing Colours. Their Deutsche Grammophon debut is a major milestone in their ongoing creative collaboration. The album’s eighteen soundscapes invite listeners to immerse themselves in the infinite space that lies below their surface. Brian Eno observes: “With classical instruments the clarinet represents a little island of sound, the viola another, and the grand piano yet another. Each instrument is a finite set of sonic possibilities, one island in the limitless ocean of all the possible sounds that you could make. What’s happened with electronics is that all the spaces in between those islands are being explored, yielding new sounds that have never previously existed. It has been a huge pleasure for me to explore that ocean with Roger’s unique compositions.”
The brothers have also shot seven music videos, produced and directed by Brian Eno and musician and software designer Peter Chilvers, offering an enriching counterpart to seven of the album’s eighteen pieces and will be all made available on digital platforms over the coming months.
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